It’s that time of year; many of Duluth’s homes will soon be filled with new tenants – students moving back for the school year. Thousands of houses in Duluth are privately owned and rented by students September through June each year, yet many lack one provision in the lease that may protect the property owner. Renters insurance. Did you know as a landlord, you can require your tenants to acquire renters insurance? Including a requirement of proof of insurance within a limited time period after the lease is signed may greatly protect you, your assets, and those of your tenants.

Insuring a rental property is usually more affordable than rumored and certainly cheaper than replacing all belongings from a loss. Fire, storms, burglary and water damage can happen in the blink of an eye; a landlord’s insurance will not cover your personal property. Plus additional expenses to consider – paying for a hotel while you are temporarily out of a home, injuries, and medical expenses. Whether or not the lease requires insurance, protecting your property provides peace of mind and help during an emergency.

A quick glance of the various insurance policies:

Personal Property coverage applies to contents owned by the insured (e.g., clothing, furniture).

Additional Living Expense coverage applies to the additional expenses incurred while the repairs are being made to the dwelling. E.g. hotel bills.

Personal Liability covers payment of all sums up to the selected limit which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of bodily injury (including personal injury) and property damage.

Medical Payments covers medical expenses, up to the selected limit, of persons other than an insured who sustain accidental bodily injury arising out of the insured’s premises or personal activities.

At Hanlon and Associates, we can help both tenants and landlords draft an appropriate coverage for each situation and provide tips to take accurate inventory of assets. Give us a call today to discuss how renters insurance can protect you in any situation.


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