NeilNeil Glazman
Insurance Broker

What brought you to Duluth / Why did you stay in Duluth?
I was born and raised in Duluth. I moved away to attend college and then lived in in several cities in the U.S. before coming back to Duluth in the early 1980’s.  I have been in the insurance business for 7 years after owning my own small business.

Describe your favorite vacation destination.
I really enjoy traveling and have been to Europe, Israel, Mexico, Canada and many places in the United States. My wife and I like to get to know the local culture and go places where the locals like to go.

What are you most passionate about in your current role?
I have always enjoyed working with people. In the insurance business, it is necessary to get to know your clients and make sure they have the right coverage to insure their property and safety. I really enjoy the one on one part of getting to know my clients.

What do you think sets Hanlon & Associates apart from other insurance brokers?
We are unique because we are a growing business. Yet we work very hard to service our clients where in larger agencies clients tend to get lost in the shuffle. It is a delicate balance that we have been able to maintain.

Fun fact about you:
I am a member of the Duluth Sister Cities International Board and am currently the chairperson of the Thunder Bay, Ontario committee.