Anna Nelson
Commercial Insurance SpecialistAnna

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Maple Grove, MN.

What brought you to Duluth?
I came up to Duluth to attend college at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I had every intention of moving back to the cities after I graduated. Through the years, I grew to love Duluth and when I graduated, it seemed right to take a full time job with Tucker. I was also dating my (now) husband, who lived here. Looking back, I can’t imagine anywhere else I would rather live.

What is your favorite thing about working in insurance?
All the different clients I have the pleasure of working with, each have different stories. Individual beginnings, visions, dreams, successes and failures. I greatly enjoy working with business owners and hearing about their journey and passion.

Describe your favorite Duluth activity.
There are too many to say one is the best! I will have to say kayaking is one of my favorites, being out on the water with all the views is very relaxing and peaceful.

Talk about one memorable customer service experience in your current role.
I had a business call me and ask for a quote. After our consultation they explained that I was priced higher than another agency; they had called to thank me for my time. A few weeks later I received another call from the same business, who expressed that they were willing to pay more in order to work with me. They have turned out to be some of my favorite clients to meet with. As it turned out, we recently had a new market open up and I was able to save them money after a year. It has been such a great relationship and it was an extremely humbling experience.

What programs are you involved with outside of work?
I am involved in Eco-Rotary Club, Aim High Network, Professional Women’s Network and Fuse Duluth. I believe maintaining activity and giving back are important because I have the chance to meet new people, be involved in the community and contribute to the community.

Fun fact about you:
I can solve a rubik’s cube