The dog days of summer can feel endless when day after day, night upon night, your house never feels comfortable. With Lake Superior as our natural air conditioner, many homes in our area were not built with central air conditioning.  If you’re feeling the heat, use these six tips to keep your home cool sans a/c:

Keep your shades drawn

Windows are not insulators, and quickly turn direct sunlight into heat for your house. Drawing the blinds keeps your house dark and cool by blocking the sunlight from entering. You may feel like Dracula inside, but this is a top priority for maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Close doors to the warmest rooms in your home

Bedrooms with large, southern-facing windows; bonus sun rooms not often utilized during the day; closing these rooms when possible will prevent additional warm air from heating your house.

Strategize your bedding

Lose the flannel and heavy down comforters for the season.  Cotton sheets stay cooler and buckwheat pillows don’t hold body heat.

Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter clockwise

When the blades spin counterclockwise, the cool air is pushed downward. This flow creates a wind chill effect inside the home, making the air feel up to 8 degrees cooler.

Night air is your friend

Here in Duluth, we are fortunate to have cool evenings. Capitalize on the cold air by strategizing two fans for maximum results. Set one fan in the window facing outward (preferably the living room or opposite end of your home from the bedrooms).  Place a second fan in a window on the opposite side of the house (bedroom) facing inward. This will pull the cool night air in where it is needed most, in your bedroom, while creating airflow and pushing out warm air on the opposite side of the home.


Not only does grilling create delicious food; cooking outside will eliminate any additional heat source inside.  



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