I actually found out that I was pregnant while I was at work – I had to spend the rest of the day processing car changes, working on new accounts and wrapping my head around the fact that my life was about to change. Being an ambitious young professional, I knew I would have to figure out the whole work / life balance act, and spent most my first and second trimester cancelling various lunches and events I had signed up to due to “morning” sickness and exhaustion – that was only the beginning.  As the end of my pregnancy grew nearer, I wrapped up the accounts I was working on, let the office know about my maternity leave plan and sat around and waited for this life changing event to come.

During my pregnancy I had certain goals such as eating healthy, working out and being productive with my maternity leave. After having Connor I changed it to one goal: keep everyone alive and take it day by day. I have been on Maternity leave for about 8 weeks. Some days, Connor will sleep most of the day and I can catch up on some emails and get work done. Other days, I spend most the day rocking him to sleep only for him to wake up the second I try to put him down. We have been lucky to have a baby who sleeps mostly through the night, but I couldn’t imagine if I didn’t. The first month I only scanned my emails – forwarding the ones that were important so my team couple handle the requests. They have been great through this transition – it is hard being a mother on maternity leave, but it is hard when a 5-person team loses a player for 12 weeks. I am grateful for their support.

You may think now that I have Connor my mind has been off insurance but I actually find myself thinking about it more. The maternal instinct to protect your child completely took over when Connor arrived. Between ensuring his feet are warm enough to triple-checking his car seat buckles, it is my job to protect him from all that I can. This is where insurance has become a much more serious topic of conversation within my household, not just at the office.

Homeowners Insurance
Home protection. I need to protect our home. My family’s home. My child’s home. This is where he sleeps at night; where he needs to feel safe and secure; where we, as his parents, provide what we can for him to thrive. Our home. Without proper insurance we could lose everything in the blink of an eye. That’s the funny thing about motherhood – you suddenly see threats everywhere. Danger lurks. I’ve become a morbid naysayer because of what could happen. I cry while watching the news (thanks, hormones) and see the reports on all the house fires in our area, and I am much more thankful for my insurance company that sent us batteries for our smoke detectors.

If it’s been a few years since your family has reviewed its homeowners policy, I suggest having a check-up. Not only to make sure your policy is enough, but to update information, ask questions, and really protect your family as much as your Mommy Tiger heart wishes.

Auto Insurance
As a new mom, I recommend not Google-ing “car accident statistics.” Yikes. These are scary, horrifying, tragic numbers. Even the fear of a small fender bender exists when Connor is traveling with us. Would he be okay in an accident? Would our family be protected if someone hit us? Again – fear monger here. With our little guy safely strapped in his car seat behind us, my husband and I understand the risks of taking the family on the road. This is why we, as agents, strive so hard to provide your family with the correct auto policy for your protection. To be medically treated adequately, awarded adequate compensation or repairs, to advocate on your behalf if the accident offender is cooperating less than effectively – these are all critical components to maintaining safety for your family while on the road.

Plus, let’s all raise our hands in solidarity with this one – kids are expensive. Holy cow, expensive.  Did you know road crashes cost the U.S. $230.6 billion per year, or an average of $820 per person?  If I know that my insurance agent is there to find me the best policy rather than shake me for all I’m worth, I find great comfort in calling Hanlon & Associates to discuss auto insurance.

Life Insurance
No one enjoys discussing what happens after our death. As an insurance agent, it’s our job to ask the tough questions to start the conversation planning around an untimely demise. When Connor arrived, I realized I wanted nothing more than to ensure he was financially supported if anything were to happen to – God forbid – either (or both) of his parents. Matt and I both work to provide for our home and family. The loss of one of us would be a terrible financial burden on our family – the loss of income, funeral costs, acquiring each other’s debts as applicable, Connor’s education. Ugh, it’s tough to consider, but incredibly important to do so.

I see now more than ever the reason for life insurance. If you’re willing to conquer your fears and discuss those plans out loud with your spouse, write them on paper. Call and arrange for life insurance. I strongly encourage you to do so. There is so much to lose without it.

Commercial Insurance
Admittedly, there is not much directly applicable between Connor and commercial insurance other than it is my specialty at the office. But being my specialty, I absolutely understand how owning a small business can dramatically impact your family. A lawsuit without General Liability (or another policy) could be a lawsuit against your personal assets – your home, your vehicle, your property. You simply cannot afford to lose anything when you are raising a family.


At the end of the day, I thought after maternity leave, coming back to work would bring back the routine in my life and going to bring back a sense of normalcy – I thought I would have to manage a calendar and try to find that work / life balance. I am now realizing that my work and my life will always be combined. I think about my clients and how much more I understand the parents out there, how much more I can connect with the community about safety and risk management in our day to day lives. And of course, as any new parent does, I think about our budget and making sure we not only have valuable insurance but making sure we have all the discounts we are eligible for, because every dollar counts.

I will always be thinking about Connor, even as a thought in the back of my mind. Insurance will always be a topic on interest to me, but as I have learned these past 8 weeks, some things you just have to learn as you go.