Hanlon & Associates is on a mission to answer YOUR questions about insurance coverage. This week, we have been asked by our avid ice fisherman clients:

Is our ice house covered if it falls through the ice?

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, ice safety guidelines are as follows:
2″ or less – STAY OFF
4″ – Ice fishing or other activities on foot
5″ – Snowmobile or ATV
8″ – 12″ – Car or small pickup
12″ – 15″ – Medium truck

Join Tucker and Callie as they walk you through the answer regarding your insurance policy in the video below. If you have a question you’d like answered on Ask An Agent, contact us at 218-491-7855 or email info@hanlonandassociates.com.

Video caption
Callie: Hey guys this is Callie here at Hanlon & Associates. We’re going over some questions we’ve been asked about ice fishing. ‘Tis the season and we are taking all of our ice houses out on the water. We’ve heard a lot of questions on if our ice houses are covered if it falls through the ice?
Tucker: Yeah, we’ve gotten this question quite a bit lately. And actually heard it from someone at Hugo’s bar in Brimson, Minnesota. This gentleman asked the same thing. The short answer is “maybe it’s covered.” It just depends on what kind of policy you have. There are exclusions by some companies for falling through the ice. However, some of our carriers do have coverage for that.and I can tell you all about which carriers those are if you want to give myself or Callie a call to find out who those companies are.
Callie: If you’re a big ice fisher and this is a compelling question for you, feel free to give us a call or visit us on Facebook.



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