Needless to say, fall has come to a screeching halt as winter knocked us on our butts. May we remind you – it’s OCTOBER. You most likely have not yet completed your fall household to-do list in order to prepare for winter. Well, if you find yourself panicked to complete everything this weekend, start by prioritizing actions to keep your home safe. Here is a quick winter preparedness check list to reduce your odds of home damage this winter.

Winter Preparedness Check List for your Home

Frozen Pipes

  • Remove hoses from outdoor faucets
  • Shut off water to outdoor faucets, drain as much as possible
  • Consider covering any pipes along the foundation located above the frost line with heat tape
  • Teach family where your home’s water main shut off is located in case of emergency

Ice Dams

  • Clear gutters of all leaves and debris
  • Flush gutter drains to ensure full drainage capacity
  • Close attic bypasses and/or reinsulate your attic

Fire Hazards

  • Inspect and clean your chimney
  • Replace furnace filter (if needed)
  • Clear dryer vent from any accumulated lint or outside blockage


While we fully expect this snow to have plenty of time to melt before real winter, it’s really never too early to start. Your home, family, and wallet thank you for preparing your home for the Northland’s harsh winters.