Insurance quotes are created by an endless list of variables, customized to your situation and the type of policy you seek. Navigating multiple insurance quotes – the Yes/No questions, the small font, various prices, the if’s/and’s/and but’s, and the eventual contractual agreement – can be a stressful, time consuming endeavor.

As a small company of knowledgeable insurance brokers, Hanlon & Associates is providing Duluth, Superior, surrounding areas, (and all clients near and far) with personalized customer service to guide you in the right direction. Hiring an insurance broker such as Hanlon & Associates can provide you many benefits, including:

  • Minimizing your personal time researching policies
  • Find you quick answers on pricing and policy details
  • Represent you in the event of a claim
  • Navigate the fine print on a contract
  • Ensure all discounts that apply to you are, in fact, deducted from your quote
  • Directly compare multiple insurance policies side-by-side to help inform differences in each policy
  • Assist in bundling insurance policies to provide you even greater price options

Enhanced Insurance’s blog on How to Decide Which is the Right Insurance Quote, included a paragraph about hiring insurance brokers:


There is no denying that it is pretty easy to shop your insurance coverage online without the help of an agent these days but using an agent offers a variety of benefits.


  • They can easily shop a variety of insurers for you so you don’t have to do the legwork.
  • They can advise you about insurance products that you may not know about.
  • They can verify that you are receiving all of the different discounts that you are qualified to receive.
  • Agents can quickly and easily answer any questions you may have without having to deal with a person in a call center.

There are two different types of insurance agents:


Captive Agent: These agents only represent one insurance company.

Independent Agent: These agents are also called brokers. They represent several insurance companies so they can shop a variety of insurance companies to find the best deal for you.


In most cases, an independent agent offers the most flexibility but if you are loyal to a single insurer, a captive agent may be the way to go.


Wherever your insurance journey has lead you thus far, Hanlon & Associates is happy to help navigate the next steps in your policy research. Give us a call, send us an email, or stop by our office in Canal Park, Duluth to chat today.

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