Summertime severe weather poses the threat of damaging your home from fallen, blowing debris from trees, high speed winds, hail, and large quantities of rain. Assessing your home immediately after a large storm is a critical step when filing an insurance claim. If a storm brings concerns about possible damage to your property, remember to take these steps to inspect for damage.


  • Cracked, dented, bruised shingles
  • Tree limbs or other debris on roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Holes in shingles
  • Water stains on ceiling

Exterior of Home

  • Dents or holes in siding
  • Torn metal siding
  • Cracked wooden siding
  • Broken, dented, damaged light fixtures, air vents, a/c units

Sump Pump & Crawl Space

  • Is sump pump properly working to drain water?
  • Check for standing water in crawl space or basement


  • Cracked or shattered glass
  • Dents or cracks in window frames
  • Tears in screens

Decks, Railings, Fencing

  • Stripped paint
  • Cracked decking, railings
  • Dented or broken fencing


  • Large, broken branches
  • Fallen trees
  • Split trees and limbs


  • Dents or other roof damage from hail or debris
  • Cracked or broken windows
  • Flooding inside vehicle

If you notice any signs of damage to your property, take photos and write down all details. These images and notes will help in filing your insurance claim. Take steps to ensure your home is safe – board up broken windows, tarp any roof repairs, remove standing water. And of course, call us. Our agents are on your side and will help file your claim according to your policy. (218) 491-7855. Don’t forget – if a storm happens outside of business hours, contact your policy holder right away. Click here for 24/7 Claims Assistance.


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