Fact: The average american home has over 300,000 items inside. (LA Times)
How many of those items could you list from memory?

In the event of a loss, maintaining accurate inventory of your property is the one critical component to receiving adequate insurance coverage. The handmade coffee table, the priceless art hanging on your wall, your grandmother’s china stored in the basement, your desk lined with office supplies, the linen closet overflowing with beach towels and sand toys. All of it adds up, but how much would you be able to account from memory? Certainly not everything, and probably even less when under duress.

Anna Nelson walks you through an easy step-by-step process of taking accurate inventory of your belongings in the event a claim must be filed, using Eric’s office as her ‘home.’

Step 1: Take your cell phone out of your pocket, turn to video mode.

Step 2: Select which room you wish to inventory first. Walk into that room.

Step 3: Turn on video recording. Pan the room in full, showing a complete view.

Step 4: Make note of any specific furniture, art pieces, jewelry, or other precious item that may cost more to replace than average. You may voice details on video if you wish, but is not necessary.

Step 5: Open any closet spaces and quickly scan items inside. Open any drawers or cabinets that also contain any items, record on video.

Step 6: Make one last 360 degree view of the room before ending your video.

Step 7: Save video in a safe location; upload to Cloud storage ensures it, too, will not be damaged in a loss.

Each room may take you 3 minutes to film (Anna inventoried Eric’s office in a mere 60 seconds!), but to have incredibly accurate inventory in the event of a loss would be priceless to you and your family. Whether you have renters insurance or homeowners insurance, our experts highly recommend taking the time to record your property.



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