As the housing marketing heals, buyers are jumping on board to find their dream home. The home that finally captures your vision and checks each box, can be hiding secrets on the inside. This is why home inspections are mandatory for every purchase. Much of the information provided by the inspector you will also find on your homeowners insurance quote. Use this guide to asking the right questions during your new home inspection.


What is your training and experience in this profession?

Who to hire is not a question to be overlooked. While recommendations are useful, be sure to conduct your own research before making the hire. Annual training and at least ten years experience are good indicators of professionals who maintain good practice and stay current in housing trends.


So, how bad is it?

You want to ask the blunt questions. The inspector should provide you answers to help determine if the purchase is worth the work.


How does this work? Can you show me one more time?

Questions about a boiler? Oil tank? Fire place? Asking now when you have a professional in your (soon to be) home will help you down the line. Taking notes or asking a second time is completely acceptable.


Life expectancy of major systems : Roof, HVAC, boiler, water heater, etc.

As a home grows older, systems can fail leading you without heat in the dead of winter. The inspector can provide you a ballpark for life expectancy of these major systems to help plan your budget and prioritize updates.


What would it take to fix that?

As a home professional, your inspector will know at least generic steps to helping correct problems as they are seen in the home. Is a plumber necessary or can you purchase a drain snake? Are you estimating a $20 fix or a $2,000 fix?


Where is the main water shut off to the house?

Take note. When you need it, you need to know immediately.


Do you take photographs to include in your report?
An important factor when choosing your inspector, photographs will help illustrate any problem areas that need addressing for you to review off property.


Getting all your answers after your home inspection is critical in your decision making. Using the questions listed above, your family will be armed with the right knowledge in purchasing your new home.



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