FINALLY. The unofficial start of summer. No, not Memorial Day – Fishing Opener. You have been waiting patiently to launch that beloved boat into the water, cruise to your favorite fishing hole, and cast your first line. YOU may be ready; have you properly prepared your boat for the season?

Boat Registration
Similar to cars, boats are required to display a state-issued registration. Unlike cars, watercraft registration is valid for three years and easily forgotten since your last renewal. Be sure to check for current registration before hitting the water. If expired, your local DMV office can assist you in properly registering your boat.

Safety Gear
Depending on the size of your boat, required safety equipment may vary and should be checked according to the US Coast Guard. But should always include at minimum:
One personal floatation device for each onboard passenger
One bell or whistle for alerting help when needed
One Fire extinguisher
One Visual distress signal – like a flash – for nighttime alerts

Full Boat Inspection
Before spring boat launch, a full inspection of your watercraft is critical for proper safety and efficiency. published a printable checklist for easy reference.

Think of boat insurance like a vehicle; you need insurance to cover collision damage, property damage, bodily injury.  Insuring your watercraft is not always required, but more fun can be had by all when the right protection is in place.

With your boat registration displayed, safety gear in place, full inspection completed and passed, give us a call to ask about insuring your watercraft.  Pssst, we give free quotes!  Now go, go and enjoy the season. And do not forget to call your mother on Mother’s Day.


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