Private services such as Uber and Lyft have provided easy transportation with the click of your mobile device in major cities across the US. These services, however, have since been challenging to find in select markets because of an existing gap in insurance coverage. This May, Duluth finally caught up with modern transportation services. Both Uber and Lyft have arrived at the Duluth International Airport. {Read the announcement on Duluth News Tribune.}

If you plan to drive for either service, it is highly suggested to call a broker at Hanlon and Associates to close a gaping insurance hole in your existing policies.

Personal auto insurance covers your personal vehicle for personal use, and exclude coverage of “public or livery conveyance.” Commercial policies cover established companies providing network transportation. The gap: your personal insurance is excluded the moment that you turn on the app saying you are available to drive, the commercial policy does not go into effect until you are on your way to your passenger, leaving a coverage gap which makes Uber and Lyft services dangerous liabilities for their drivers.

Fortunately, Safeco Insurance equips you with a rideshare plan to bridge this gap, providing coverage for these private transportation services throughout Minnesota and now into Duluth.

Finally, Minnesota drivers and passengers can all ride in peace knowing they are protected. Call us. We are happy to help discuss how your plan, new or old, will protect you.


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