Sustainability is an important value to the entire Hanlon and Associates team. Tucker’s green office initiative began upon the company’s inception, integrating electronic documentation and filing as often as possible. But we knew we could do more. If we wish to make a bigger impact, it’s time to build upon the sustainable value already in place. Our intention is to integrate additional green practices in our daily office systems in order to accommodate four major goals:

  1. Reduce Waste
  2. Reusable Products
  3. Utilize Duluth’s best natural resource – water
  4. Lessen Carbon Footprint

We knew that diving into the deep end before learning how to tread was not a good idea. If we are to establish real, long-standing office green practices, our office understood that these new habits would need be adopted one at a time. Together with your ideas, we have developed an easy, step by step process to achieving success. Introducing:


The Hanlon and Associates Sustainability Plan

Launching September 1, each month we will roll out another strategic effort or challenge to meet one or more of the goals listed above.

SEPTEMBER : Compost Month

“Fruits & Veggies – More Matters” Month

Bring compost bucket to office

Teach staff significance of compost

Goals to Meet: Reduce Waste


OCTOBER : Save the Trees Month

Continue to use DocuSign; fewer paper printouts

Stock office with towels + cleaning spray

Walk or Bike to Meetings Week

Goals to Meet: Reduce Waste; Reusable Products; Lessen Carbon Footprint


NOVEMBER : Reusable Products Month

Stock office with dishes, glasses, silverware

Bring lunch to work challenge week

Goals to Meet: Reduce Waste; Reusable Products


DECEMBER : Tap Water Month

Water bottle donation – rid your office of all remaining water bottles

Provide staff with Reusable water bottles

Goals to Meet: Reduce Waste; Reusable Products; Utilize Duluth’s Water


JANUARY : Carbon Emissions Month

Skywalk Challenge Month “we can walk to meetings, even in winter”

Goals to Meet: Lessen Carbon Footprint


Tucker is no stranger to practicing sustainability. Installing solar panels on his home, purchasing an electric car / hybrid Chevy Volt, and recently installing a low-flow shower head in the office locker room are all steps Tucker has personally taken to reduce his carbon footprint. While our monthly goals will change, we want to be clear, the efforts from previous months will remain in place to grow sustainable habits within the Hanlon and Associates office.

Follow us on Facebook and here on our blog for updates on progress, tips, and lessons learned throughout the five-month roll-out of our Sustainability Plan. We would love your comments and encouragement!



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