Now that we’ve wrapped up our second month of the Hanlon and Associates Sustainability Plan, we are ready to unleash our next month of goals:

Reusable Products Month

In October, we saw the opportunity to jump ahead and create a homemade cleaning spray. We also stocked the office with reusable towels to cut back on the amount of paper towels used in the kitchen. See the cleaning spray recipe here:


In addition to developing reusable product habits in the office, this week the Hanlon team is collaborating on a new challenge: Bring lunch to work. ALL week. Some of us (who shall remain nameless) dine out more frequently that in. Not only is eating at restaurants hard on your wallet, but it also produces enormous amounts of waste. Consider the burger wrapper, napkins, straw, wax-coated cup, french fry cup, and paper bag. Too much trash for our Sustainability Plan.

Bring Lunch to Work Week will hopefully establish new habits that highlight the affordability and convenience of dining in-office, in addition to reducing waste. We took the plan one step further by making this a family-style meal time. Each lunch was delegated to a team member (or two), who is tasked with feeding the group that day. We expect to grow as a team as we share some great (hopefully edible) meals together. On Tucker’s fine china, nonetheless. Be sure to stay tuned each day as we tell you what’s on the menu. And of course, we encourage you to try a sustainable plan of your own in your workplace.


Follow us on Facebook and here on our blog for updates on progress, tips, and lessons learned throughout the five-month roll-out of our Sustainability Plan. We would love your comments and encouragement!

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