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Easy Step by Step Office Sustainability Plan

Sustainability is an important value to the entire Hanlon and Associates team. But if we wish to make a bigger impact, it’s time to build upon the sustainable value already in place. Our intention is to integrate additional green practices in our daily office systems. Together with your ideas, we have developed a step by step process to achieving success.

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Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Quick Answer : Maybe. Check your lease, read the fine print. Whether or not the lease requires insurance, protecting your property provides peace of mind and help during an emergency.

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24/7 Claims Assistance

In an unfortunate event where filing a claim is necessary, the staff at Hanlon are happy to provide you with answers both accurate and timely. If you find yourself in a situation where you need claims assistance or your questions answered immediately outside of our office hours, we encourage you to call your provider directly.

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Grandma’s Marathon

Not only is the Hanlon and Associates office located in Canal Park not far from the finish line, this year we are excited to cheer on two of our employees participating in different capacities.

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Inspecting For Storm Damage

Assessing your home immediately after a large storm is a critical step when filing an insurance claim. If a storm brings concerns about possible damage to your property, remember to take these steps to inspect for damage.

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Easy To Remember Life Insurance Calculator

Planning for tragedy sets us up to succeed in the event of the unmentionable.  Tucker has contrived an easy-to-remember formula to calculate a ballpark estimated amount of life insurance you should secure for yourself or your spouse.

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